Thierry Dedieu (CFDT, France) interventions at HLPF2016 plenaries

Thierry Dedieu (CFDT, France), member of the trade union delegation at the High Level Political Forum (HLPF2016), intervened at the following plenaries:

In his intervention, Thierry Dedieu underscored the need to adopt a different development model to cope with climate change, notably in the agriculture sector. He voiced the international trade union movement call for a “just transition” for workers, as recognized by the Paris agreement. "By fighting against global warming, ensuring food security and ensuring a just transition for workers we allow climate justice and respond to the right to development".

Watch his intervention (starts at 1:15:40)


Thierry Dedieu reminded the centrality of the decent work agenda, and its four pillars, to implement the overall goals of the Agenda 2030. However, trade unions regretted that social dialogue is the only pillar that is not explicitly recognized. Social dialogue and collective bargaining directly contribute to social cohesion and to fighting inequalities. "The Agenda 2030 has created hope. With the achievement of decent work for all, a more equitable society is within reach. Social dialogue, collective bargaining and workers’ rights can directly contribute to creating fair rules and more egalitarian societies. This is ITUC’s ambition".

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