The Solidarity Fund in Action: Honduras

ITUC Soilidarity Fund Support for Trade Unions in Honduras: Since the June 28 2009 coup d’état in Honduras, colleagues from the three ITUC Honduran affiliates, CUTH, CTH and CGT, and the Honduran people and their social organisations have been fighting a heroic battle to restore the country’s democratic institutions, secure the implementation of the San José agreements and restore the legitimate president, Manuel Zelaya Rosales, to his post.

The Honduran trade union movement has been at the forefront of the struggle to re-establish democracy and resist the coup and all acts of violence, repression and abuse of human rights by the de facto regime.
The International Trade Union Solidarity Mission to Honduras, carried out by TUCA/ITUC and the Global Union Federations between 5 and 8 August, noted the difficulties faced by our colleagues in maintaining their resistance.

One of the decisions agreed by the Mission was to "Establish and maintain a network providing material, moral and human support for actions to restore democracy and the constitutional rule of law". To that end, we are joining the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas (TUCA) in their call for solidarity from the whole ITUC family with our affiliates the CUTH, the CGT and the CTH. All assistance will be valued as a sign of the generous support of workers affiliated to the ITUC for the just and courageous struggle of the trade union movement in Honduras, who are continuing to fight in what are sometimes extremely tough circumstances.