The ITUC launches #timefor8 campaign ahead of HLPF 2021 dedicated to recovery and resilience from Covid-19

Launched by the ITUC Secretary General on 1 April, this new edition of the #timefor8 campaign aims to tell decision-makers meeting at the High-Level Political Forum in July 2021 that all recovery and resilience plans for our economies must be based on employment creation, green jobs with just transition and universal social protection.

Forged in the five workers’ demands that the New Social Contract needs to respond to, this years’ campaign will contribute the following eight key messages to the debates on a sustainable recovery and resilience from the Covid-19 pandemic that will take place during the HLPF:

  • Investing in climate-friendly jobs and a just transition to a zero-carbon economy is fundamental for sustainable recovery and resilience.
  • Boosting the creation of decent jobs in quality public services and the care economy helps improve societies’ resilience against crises.
  • Supporting the real economy and formalising the informal economy are necessary to retain employment and rebuild livelihoods.
  • Making workplaces safe and healthy saves lives and stops the spread of the pandemic.
  • Ending corporate greed protects workers’ dignity and is fundamental for a world free from child labour and modern slavery.
  • Building a resilient world that leaves no one behind requires universal social protection and a global fund for social protection.
  • Supporting social dialogue to rebuild societies and reinforce global governance.

Affiliates can contribute to the success of the campaign by:

  • Influencing the HLPF’s Ministerial Declaration
    Send a letter to your government calling on it to support trade unions’ priorities during the negotiation of the Ministerial Declaration (see point 1 in the campaign pack)
  • Exposing workers’ struggles
    Share video testimonies of workers (between 30 seconds and 2 minutes) or a photo with a quote of a few lines, about how the crisis has impacted their working conditions and their life, and what their needs are. (see point 2 in the campaign pack)
  • Making unions’ demands heard
    Share videos of union leaders of your organisation delivering a message about the impact of the crisis on workers and what measures the government must implement to ensure recovery and resilience. (between one to two minutes or in a few lines). You could as well send a picture of your leader with a quote of a few lines (see point 3 in the campaign pack)



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