The Crackdown in Egypt Must Stop Now, Urges the ITUC

The International Trade Union Confederation urges the Egyptian authorities to immediately stop the violent crackdown against tens of thousands of peaceful demonstrators who have been protesting in the last few days across the country, and to prevent any more bloodshed among the civilian population.

The ITUC also vigorously condemns the detention of Mohamed ElBaradei, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate and opposition figure, and asks for his immediate release, as well as for the release of all the demonstrators and activists arrested.

“Egyptian authorities must urgently stop the repression and listen to the legitimate aspirations of the Egyptian population struggling peacefully against poverty, corruption and police violence,” said Sharan Burrow, ITUC general secretary.

Deploring the communication blackout (internet, mobile phones etc.) imposed by the Egyptian authorities, the ITUC also calls for the respect of the right of freedom of expression and of press liberties.

“As clearly shown during the recent period in the region, repression is an option with no way out,” added Sharan Burrow, who called on the international community to assume its responsibilities regarding the severe violations of fundamental rights, including the right to protest, taking place in Egypt.