The summary of the ITUC report ‘Growing Green and Decent Jobs’, shows how investments in the green economy can generate new employment that contributes to poverty alleviation and social progress.

Investing in the green economy should be an economic priority for all governments and business leaders.

Using this new benchmark data, governments and the international community can identify targets on green and decent jobs to be reached in the next five to ten years.

Creating the green economy is a transformation which our economies must go through. Some countries have embraced investment in new technologies and sustainable production processes. Too many have not.

All countries need to drive investment to put their economies on a green pathway, and by investing at least 2% of GDP each year, they can achieve this. The economic analysis shows that we can be optimistic about job creation. However, transformation will mean economic and employment adjustments. All governments must commit to a ‘Just Transition’ , which requires accompanying workers and communities on the pathway towards a more prosperous and sustainable society.

Summary ITUC Report ’Growing Green and Decent Jobs’


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