Statement on London Terrorist Attack

Members of the ITUC meeting in Geneva today on the eve of the ILO Conference were once again confronted, this time in London, with a heinous act of terrorism that has taken the lives of seven innocent people and injured many more.

Standing in solidarity with working families in the UK we condemn this, and all terrorist attacks. The UK is a country which is home to migrants from all over the world, living side by side with people of UK origin. Together they are working to build secure futures and raise children in harmony.
Representatives from the trade unions of the UK and all the countries here today express their determination to maintain the fight for democratic rights and freedoms.

With the outpouring of condolences for people in London, we remember the victims of all terrorist attacks around the world, of which there have been more than 500 this year alone, with the tragic and senseless of loss of hundreds of lives.