SOTERMUN continues its collaboration in Haiti

SOTERMUN, the USO’s development NGO, is continuing the project work in Haiti that it has been engaged in continuously both before and after the last earthquake. It is now two years since the disaster that plunged the country even deeper into poverty and triggered a cholera epidemic with very serious consequences.

Since 12 January 2010, SOTERMUN-USO has been implementing projects worth €592.810 of which €551.210 have come from public aid. The rest has come from private donations, including contributions from USO and its workers. MOSCTHA, a Haitian workers’ association, has helped implement the projects. Help is still needed, which is why SOTERMUN is not abandoning Haiti. We have moved on from emergency aid to providing mobile health care units and other forms of social support. At the end of January 2012 the director of SOTERMUN, Manuel Zaguirre, will revise the ongoing projects and identify the next initiatives to be taken.