SOTERMUN and the 2nd TUCA-CSI Congress

SOTERMUN - USO’s cooperation NGO - supported the 2nd TUCA-CSI Congress, held from 17 to 20 April. SOTERMUN was present at the pre-Congress seminar where the attendees discussed how to face the future. The seminar theme was “Sustainable Development and Decent Work: Trade Union Alternatives in the Americas facing the Capitalism Crisis”. It had its own stand and, together with other organisations, provided economic support for the Congress, which was the result of the TUCA-SOTERMUN-USO Solidarity Cooperation Agreement (published in Ser Seres Solidarios nº 70). The USO’s political representation at this CSA Congress was handled by Javier de Vicente, Confederal Secretary of Acción Internacional, and Manuel Zaguirre, Director of SOTERMUN.

Ser Seres Solidarios nº 70

Article provided by USO-SOTERMUN.