Six ways of promoting Count Us In!

  1. Engage men and women across the union movement in the campaign – create a network to share ideas, strategies, policies, programs and visions. Build commitment among the leadership, membership and activists.
  2. Provide campaign tools and information, e.g., on the union web site, email lists, Facebook page, trade union publications, etc. Promote the campaign at key trade union meetings.
  3. Include the Count Us In! logo in campaign resources and at trade union events and invite trade union members and activists to ‘like’ the Count Us In! Facebook page.
  4. Build support mechanisms including mentorship systems to encourage women to stand for elections.
  5. Plan an official launch, an occasion where trade union leaders can express their support for the campaign.
  6. Build campaigns focusing on improving women’s rights in law and collective bargaining agreements with a strong organising angle to increase women’s membership, encourage women’s activism and their involvement in decision-making roles.