Save lives: join unions on this 28th April!

In three weeks time, on the annual International Commemoration Day on 28th April, workers and trade unions around the world will commemorate those who have lost their lives, were injured or fell ill due to unsafe, unhealthy or unsustainable work. This year, the focus of activities is on the role trade unions play in making work safer.

“The International Trade Union Confederation has chosen “Unions make work safer” as our common theme for this day of action and is calling on its members to use this day for deepening discussions on the need for workers to have safe and sustainable working conditions, and for unions to step up their efforts in fighting for safe and healthy workplaces for all”, said Guy Ryder, General Secretary of the ITUC.

The most updated information shows that there are almost 360,000 fatal occupational accidents in any year, and almost 2 million fatal work-related diseases. Every day, more than 960,000 workers get hurt because of accidents and on average 5,330 workers die because of work-related diseases . “Unions play a critical role in stopping this workplace carnage,” said Ryder. “This 28th April is the time to put occupational health and safety back on the agenda of governments and enterprises and show it is a key element of a sustainable future for our people”.

The ITUC has developed a leaflet, explaining what 28th April is - the International Day of Commemoration of Dead and Injured Workers- , and providing data on how unions make in a daily basis our work safer. The leaflet is available at and in Hazards’ special 28th April website

In addition, and during this month, the ITUC will be reporting on activities which will be organised in different countries, ranging from a moment of silence in a workplace, to training workshops, and in some countries to mass rallies. If you want to be aware of these events, or report your events to us, you can join the special 28th April e-list sending an email to [email protected] or our Facebook group

The ITUC represents 176 million workers in 155 countries and territories and has 312 national affiliates.

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