Purposes of the ITUC Solidarity Fund

The purpose of the Solidarity Fund is to mobilise resources and to channel them promptly and effectively to trade union organisations and trade unionists in need of the protective support and solidarity of the international movement.

- As a priority, SF resources should be used:
To assist organisations and individuals facing situations of hardship or repression. Such assistance should be short term and targeted to overcome specific circumstances;
To assist organisations in well-defined and time-limited campaigns; organising drives, and other activities aimed at increasing membership and strengthening capacities and structures.

- The SF may also be used to meet the costs of certain international activities, where these can be shown to have a direct impact upon the strength and development of national level trade union work and structures.

- The SF is not intended to meet recurrent costs associated with the maintenance of permanent offices, or payment of salaries. Where the SF is used for such institutional support purposes, it should be for limited and defined periods of time.
The SF is not intended for large scale human relief in cases of natural disaster.