Policy Paper on the Paris Declaration - ITUC Statement

“Putting Decent Work at the Heart of Sustainable Development Effectiveness”

The Accra high level meeting on aid effectiveness comes at a critical juncture for the
international community, with the global economy beset by a series of crises – the food and
energy crises, and the financial market slowdown that threaten to put the clock back on
hard-won gains in poverty alleviation, and plunge 100 million people back below the $1 a
day poverty threshold. Those crises were not inevitable. They are the result of wrong policy
choices, and inappropriate governance arrangements at global level, that have put the
liberalization of markets and the quest for profits above human well-being. The
International Trade Union Confederation, representing 168 million workers in 155 countries
worldwide believe these policies and institutional arrangements can and must be changed...

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ITUC Policy Paper on the Paris Declaration