Participation of the ITUC to the event: “Growth and Employment in the Post-2015 Development Agenda”

Alison Tate (ITUC) and Matt Simonds (ITUC/TUAC) represented the trade union voice in the debates. They emphasized the importance of decent work in developing a more socially-inclusive and economically-dynamic development model that helps eradicate poverty. They described the elements of decent work, such as social protection and inclusiveness, and called for a policy shift that integrates new policies at all levels and contains better coordination mechanisms.

The meeting included sessions assessing: the main outcomes of the post-2015 global thematic consultations on growth and employment; pathways to setting targets and measuring progress; and the renewal of a global partnership for inclusive growth. It also invited feedback on the draft thematic report on growth and employment, and provided substantive recommendations on how the post-2015 development agenda can deliver inclusive growth, decent work, social protection and productive employment for all. The results of the growth and employment consultation will feed into the UN’s overall post-2015 process.

The 85 participants expressed the need for an ambitious growth and employment goal supported by specific targets in the post-2015 development agenda. They called for inclusive growth, the smooth transition toward decent jobs and integration of informal work into the formal sector.

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