Paraguay must increase efforts to achieve compliance with ILO core labour standards Conventions

A new report by the ITUC on core labour standards in Paraguay, published to coincide with the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) review of its trade policies, has found that the government does not effectively enforce its laws on trade union rights.

The report finds that although to some extent workers have the right to organise, the right to collective bargaining, and the right to strike, there are severe restrictions on exercising these rights. In practice, many cases of anti-union discrimination and harassment against union members have been reported. The report finds that many of these labour rights violations remain unpunished. Furthermore, discrimination in employment and remuneration is widespread. Those experiencing discrimination include women, indigenous people, disabled persons, people living with HIV/AIDS and homosexuals.

The report takes note of estimates that half the country’s children work, mainly in agriculture, manufacturing, street vending and domestic servitude. Furthermore, forced labour occurs, usually in the forms of debt bondage and forced prostitution. Many cases of forced labour are found in the region of Chaco and involve persons of indigenous origin. The report calls on the government to strengthen its law enforcing capacities and take urgent measures to address core labour standards violations.

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