Paraguay: Governments Must Reject Coup

The ITUC is calling on the international community to refuse to recognise the illegitimate government of Federico Franco, who was installed as President following the ousting of the legitimately-elected President of Paraguay Fernando Lugo Méndez on 22 June.

Several governments in neighbouring countries have already indicated their refusal to recognise Franco as President, who was deposed after a hurried and constitutionally flawed vote by the country’s Franco-aligned Parliament.

“We are deeply concerned at this abuse of authority, which severely weakens democracy and undermines stability, social justice and peace in Paraguay. Trade unions around the world are pressing their governments to refuse to recognise the regime, and making their views known to the Paraguayan embassies,” said ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow.

The ITUC and its regional organisation for the Americas TUCA have pledged their full solidarity and support to the working people of Paraguay and their affiliates CNT and CUT-A.
“Fundamental rights are under attack in Paraguay, and the international community must not accept this coup d’etat”, said Burrow.