Open Coordination Meeting - 24/25 September 2015

- TUDCN Open Coordination Meeting agenda and report

- TUDCN Working Group on TU Partnerships meeting report (23 September)

Day 1

- Conclusions of TUDCN-RSCD 2015 General Meeting

- Presentation on the Addis Ababa Action Agenda by Jan van de Poel, 11.11.11

- Presentation "Did the Addis Ababa Summit deliver finance for development?" by Maria José Romero, Eurodad

- Post 2015 Agenda – analytical paper

- TU final statement on SDGs framework

- HLM2 Draft Agenda

- GPEDC Monitoring process – country list

- Report on 8th Steering Committee Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation, Mexico D.F., September 2015

- Workers and Trade Unions’ Major Group input on SDGs’ indicators proposal document

Day 2

- El papel del sector privado en las políticas de cooperación al desarrollo en América Latina - Estudio de casos seleccionados, by Giulia Massobrio, TUCA/CSA

- Foro Sindical de los BRICS, by Antônio de Lisboa Amâncio Vale

- Qué caminos para la Cooperación Sur Sur? - Input para reflexionar y debatir
, by Giulia Massobrio

- Social Dialogue In Indonesia And Its Contribution To Decent Work, by Rekson Silaban, KSBSI Indonesia

- The Usage of Official Development Assistance (ODA) in Public-Private Partnership Investments in Africa: The impact on labour rights, by Kouglo Lawson Body, ITUC Africa

- Social Dialogue in Ghana and its contribution to the Ghana decent work agenda by Hilma Kupila Mote, ITUC Afrique

- Report from the Working Group on Partnerships, Brussels, 23 September 2015

- Concept note - TU-DAC Forum, December 2015

- PPT TUDCN Work Plan 2015 - 2016