Nuke Free Europe Open Meeting

Discussing Actions & Activities for a Nuclear Weapons Free Europe
October 27th, 2021 18-20.00 PM CEST

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  1. Welcome & Introductions by Reiner Braun
  2. Trade Union Actions against Nuclear Weapons and for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons
    Reflections by Owen Tudor
  3. Where are we in the struggle for a Nuclear Weapons Free World and what are the next Steps?
    An Introduction by Tom Unterrainer
    A common letter by EU parliamentarians by Guido van Leemput
  4. Evaluation of the Month of Actions (September)
    Reflections by Marion Kuepker, Guido van Leemput and Ludo De Brabander
  5. Webinars on Nuclear Sharing with EU Parliamentarians
  6. Updates by Angelika Claussen
  7. Looking towards 2022: The NPT RevCon & TPNW
    Updates by Reiner Braun
  8. Finances
    Updates by Lucas Wirl

To learn more about the networks appeal and call for actions visit:

Any questions about the event can be send to: [email protected]