Nigeria: “No strike permitted during 10 years”

Organising efforts in Nigerian trade unions have not been easy. Gloria Obi Ngozi, Senior Organising Secretary at the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG), confirms that a law guides investors and prohibits the right to strike in a company in the 10 years following the investment. Organising workers has not been easy in Nigeria and this regulation should be banned. Workers are really afraid of losing their job and suffer all kinds of ill treatment. When they defend workers and despite much effort, trade union are like bulldogs barking without biting because of unlawful regulations on the right to strike and the poor enforcement of labour laws. Signing collective bargaining agreements is a major challenge: employers immediately fight back when organised workers raise the right to bargain collectively. However, NUPENG keeps on defending them relentlessly. Recently, a case concerning labour rights violations in an EPZ company was also brought to the court.