New ITUC Campaign on Organising Young People

The ITUC is today launching a new campaign to connect global trade union work to the recruitment and organising of young people. The new Youth Campaign uses a range of different tools, including video, social networking, posters and websites, as well as a special campaign guide.

Research in many countries has shown that young peoples’ attitudes on the issues trade unions deal with have not changed greatly over the years, but that changes in the workforce, technology and society have meant that unions need to reach out to youth in different ways than in the past. This campaign aims to show that by joining a trade union, young people can influence issues and events which they are concerned about at a global level, as well as improving their own working lives.

Since unions organise and recruit in different ways in different countries and sectors, the campaign offers an additional aspect to the traditional recruitment arguments by focusing on the international aspect of being member of a trade union and relating this to young peoples’ own personal experiences.

Trade union organizations are able to pick and choose from a “menu” of many different campaign ingredients to include in the campaigns, actions or activities that they are already doing in their country. It also provides materials in different formats to help unions start new outreach efforts aimed at youth.

“The benefits of trade union membership for young people are clear, and this campaign gives new tools to trade unions around the world to demonstrate the global dimension of union action in a way which is relevant to youth. It also gives a further push to innovation and creativity in the way unions reach out to their members, and to society at large,” said ITUC General Secretary Guy Ryder.

To see the special animated video of Joe, the very unaware Dog

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For more information please contact the ITUC Press Department on +32 2 224 0204 or +32 476 621 018.