Mini Action Guide: Decent Work

Why is Decent Work important?

Every person on earth should be able to have a job that enables them
to live a good life in which their basic needs are met. Employment is
a crucial factor for achieving this. The millions of women, men, young
people and migrants who work or are looking for a job need governments
that take adequate measures to:

- Ensure that social protection and workers’ rights are fully respected
in labour laws and in practice. Living standards and economies
need productive employment to develop.
- Create millions of meaningful jobs for women and men.
Jobs are only improved if they are linked to standards and rights.
Social protection gives workers the security they need to face the
future with confidence.

This is why all governments should be urged to work more on job
creation. Not just any jobs, of course, but decent jobs for everybody.
It is often argued that countries cannot afford to have fair wages
and better conditions, however the short-term costs will quickly be
outstripped by the long-term benefits. That is why Decent Work is the
best way to fight global poverty. To most people around the world, lack
of work means poverty.

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ITUC Mini Action Guide on Decent Work

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