Millions of signatures handed over to the UN

For over a year the ITUC has conducted its campaign “No to Nuclear Weapons” for peace and against nuclear weapons. The campaign featured a world wide petition. Here you can read the petition in full.

We managed to get in total 6 704 493 signatures for the petition. They have been collected all over the world in all the regions and many, many different countries, both on paper and on-line. The petition was done in collboration with Japanese Trade Union Confederation Rengo and UNI Global Union.

The Review conference to the parties of the Non Proliferation Treaty was held in New York at the UN building beginning of May. All three organisations, ITUC; JTUC-Rengo and UNI Global Union, participated in the handing over of the signatures to the UN during the conference.

ITUC and JTUC-Rengo also hosted a seminar in New York with professor Gareth Evans from the International Commission on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament as the key note speaker. The following speakers also participated: Guy Ryder, general secretary of the ITUC; Nobuaki Koga, President, JTUC-Rengo; Takaaki Sakurada, Chairperson of UNI Liaison Office in Japan; Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba from Hiroshima; Mayor Tomihisa Taue from Nagasaki; Trade Union participants from India: Thampan Thomas, HMS India and Chandrasekheran Raghavan, INTUC India Muhammad Zahoor Awan, PWF, Pakistan and Maung Min Nyo, FTUB, Burma, were also invited to the conference and the panel but neither could participate due to travel complications.

Thank you to all of you that has been signing our petition and supported our campaign. The ITUC continues to work for peace and disarmament although this specific campaign has come to an end.