Labour 20 Key Messages

To achieve sound, sustainable, fair and green growth, the L20 put forward the following policy recommendations to the G20 Labour and Finance Ministers:

 support aggregate demand and employment in view of the serious slowdown in growth;
 put an immediate halt to austerity measures and corresponding cuts in public spending in areas that provide social support and facilitate productive economic activity;
 invest in infrastructure, education and quality public services including in the care economy;
 support the transition to a low-carbon economy;
 counter the erosion of tax bases and profit shifting by multinationals and achieve reform of tax systems, and support this by shifting taxation from employment to environmentally damaging and non-productive activities;
 ensure that revenue is not lost through tax havens by requiring automatic exchange of information and country by country reporting;
 maintain and increase expenditure on active labour market programmes and implement schemes to promote job retention and job sharing during the crisis;
 cooperate with the social partners to scale up apprenticeships and training programmes and put in place a "Jobs Guarantee" for young people;
 reverse the rise in income inequality by strengthening collective bargaining and set robust minimum wages; avoid a further deterioration of gender gaps in employment and income levels;
 improve the provision of affordable finance to small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) and facilitate their insertion into global value chains, while ensuring that they can provide decent work to their employees;
 support the implementation of a global social protection floor and the ratification of the ILO Conventions on social security;
 establish employment targets or indicators to be used in the G20 Mutual Assessment Process for "Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth";
 commission the G20 Employment Task Force with a permanent mandate to carry out regular monitoring of the implementation of past agreements.