KPTU South Korea for the WDDW

The KPTU’s Korean Railway Workers Union (KRWU) public institution affiliates are in them midst of a historical coordinate national strike, fighting against the government’s illegal imposition of a performance-related pay and termination system and other policies that threaten public services on public sector workers.

At the same time the KPTU Cargo Truckers’ Solidarity Division (TruckSol) has declared a national strike to begin on October 10 against the government’s plan for deregulation that will benefit corporations but put pressure on truck drivers to engage in unsafe driving practices. TruckSol is calling for safe standard rates, fair contracts and trade union rights - rights for truck drivers and safety for the public.

Our strike actions are coming together with a wider people’s struggle against a dictatorial regime.

The government is responding by calling the KRWU’s full legal strike illegal and charges and disciplinary actions against union leaders. It has threatened to use police force, criminal charges, licence cancellations and other measures against the truck strike.

Our members need your support to stay strong!

Please see the ITF action page and at

In particular, show your support by printing out the solidarity signs on the site and attached, taking solidarity pictures with your members and officers and sending them back/posting them to social media with the hashtag #KoreanStrike4Justice

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