Julius Cainglet speaks at ILO HLPF2016 "Partnerships to end forced labour in supply chains"

On 19 July 2016, the International Labour Organization (ILO), the US Mission to the UN and the Argentinian Mission to the UN organised a panel discussion in the margins of the HLPF2016, on "Partnerships to End Forced Labour in Supply Chains". Julius Cainglet, Vice President, The Federation of Free Workers, Philippines, spoke at the session "Understanding the complexities and vulnerabilities of global supply chains".

Julius shared his perspectives and experience in the area, by starting by saying that modern day slavery is not like the days of Egypt and the construction of the pyramids where people were in ball and chain. He stated that modern day forced labour is due to lack of choice and is characterized by dirty, demeaning and dangerous jobs. This is precarious work where workers remain poor and in temporary situations without security of tenure, where no consideration is given to occupational health and safety and where they face daily abuse.

Workers endure these conditions because there is a long line of unemployed who would quickly replace them. He recounted that many workers fall outside of labour inspection in the workplace and do not have access to any social protection. He also described a reality where workers have no voice and no right to unionize or are punished if they attempt to do so.

He described the work that he is undertaking in the Philippines and along supply chains trying to organize workers, and in particular fired or displaced workers, setting up worker monitoring and worker trade boards and participating in tripartite coordinating bodies.