ITUC Urges Gaddafi to End Massacre of Civilians in Libya

Horrified by the ferocity of the repression seen over the last five days in Libya, where at least 300 protestors have been killed and the number of injured has reached startling proportions, the ITUC has called on its affiliated organisations to mobilise without delay to urge their governments to put pressure on the 42-year old tyranny of Colonel Gaddafi and ensure an immediate end to the atrocities.

"The unprecedented violence with which the authorities have responded to demonstrations by civilians legitimately demanding respect for their fundamental rights, freedom of expression and assembly, is dragging the country into a dreadful bloodbath," said ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow. "Colonel Gaddafi must bring this ferocious repression to an immediate halt; the ITUC is pressing the international community to take urgent action in this direction. These massacres must not go unpunished," she added.

As workers at the Nafoora oilfield down tools this morning in solidarity with the protestors and solidarity demonstrations are held in Cairo and Tunisia, the ITUC expresses its total solidarity with the civilian populations in Libya, firmly condemning the violence being used against them.

Having received reports on the arrival at the Ras-Jdir border post of hundreds of Tunisian workers fleeing the violence in Libya, the ITUC also called for the protection of the many migrant workers in the country.