ITUC Launches New Information Hub on Supply Chains

2016 will be a crucial year for efforts to transform the global supply chain model which dominates international trade but is responsible for keeping workers in poverty, insecurity and in jobs that threaten their health and safety. Governments are beginning to wake up to the problem, and the G7, the G20 G20 The Group of Twenty, or G20, is a forum for international cooperation on the most important aspects of the international economic and financial agenda. It brings together 19 countries and the European Union, which together represent around 90% of global GDP, 80% of global trade and two thirds of the world’s population. , the ILO and the OECD have accepted that something needs to be done.

With vast numbers of people dependent on global supply chains for their living, more and more work is being done to document how the system works, and which companies respect fundamental workers’ rights and which do not.

The ITUC has put together a “Supply Chain Resources Hub” to assemble reports from trade unions, allies and other organisations and to support action to clean up supply chains – from international policy decisions through to solidarity actions to support workers who are trying to organise for decent pay, conditions and job security.

This information hub presents research, reports, examples of solidarity action, news and blogs. Organisations are encouraged to submit their material for inclusion in the hub by clicking on the “Share Your Materials” button and filling out the form.