ISCOD 2014 Activity Report

By the Trade Union Institute for Development Cooperation (ISCOD, Spain)

During 2014, we kept up our commitment to solidarity and continued to implement projects in 10 countries and territories of Latin America, the Caribbean and North Africa, as well as providing education for development in Spain. The projects we led during 2014 reached 23,000 direct beneficiaries and indirectly benefitted hundreds of thousands of workers and people in the regions and countries where we operate.

Against a background of limited resources, we have managed to maintain an active and proactive role at institutional level, putting forward a clear trade union perspective in the key debates on international cooperation. ISCOD is continuing to engage and defend the trade union vision in discussions with the authorities and civil society organisations, working in partnership, in particular, with development NGO groups and, at international level, with trade union and associated organisations such as the ITUC Trade Union Development Cooperation Network or the European network SOLIDAR.

Download the ISCOD-UGT 2014 Activity Report (in Spanish).

This year, 2015, we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of our activity as a solidarity instrument of the UGT. Our goal is to maintain an active trade union role in the cooperation movement, countering the ideological offensive that, exploiting the crisis, seeks to quash progressive values of cooperation and to serve, rather, conservative interests putting profit before people.

We would like to thank you once again for your increasingly essential commitment to and support for our work, and to remind you that you can also find information on our website as well as on and Twitter @ISCOD_UGT.