International seminar on the opportunities and challenges associated with labour migration in Peru

At a seminar held in Lima on 13 January 2012, ISCOD-Peru brought together several different national institutions to analyse the progress made in terms of social dialogue around labour immigration via the 2008-2011 AECID-ISCOD Cooperation Agreement.

The seminar was intended to serve as an opportunity to reflect on and discuss current national and international policy on labour migration, and a wide range of players attended, including the Cross-Sectoral Group on Migration Management (Mesa Intersectorial de Gestión Migratoria) and the Inter-Union Group on Labour Migration (Mesa Intersindical para las Migraciones Laborales), to enable them to make their own contribution to the topic. The Inter-Union Group is a forum comprising the General Confederation of Workers of Peru (CGTP), the Central Unitary Workers’ Union of Peru (CUT), the Confederation of Peruvian Workers (CTP) and the Peruvian Independent Workers’ Association (CATP) and has become the core instrument for trade union social dialogue around migration.

The event was split into two sessions. The first looked at progress in managing migration during 2011 and featured, among others, Marco Núñez Melgar, Director of Protection and Assistance for Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Enrique Maldonado, Director of Labour Migration within the Ministry of Labour.

The second session focussed on contributions to developing a comprehensive, inclusive and rights-based migration policy and featured representatives from a range of national and international institutions working in the field of migration, such as the Andean Parliament, trade union organisations and the Peruvian Ombudsman (Defensor del Pueblo).

ISCOD-Peru, which has leant considerable support to trade union organisations in Peru in establishing fora for social dialogue around migration in the course of implementing the Cooperation Agreement, jointly organised the meeting along with Peru’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), the ILO’s MIGRANDINA Labour Migration Project for countries in the Andean Region, the Sedes Sapientiae Catholic University and the Labour Development Programme (PLADES).

Communications Section. ISCOD Technical Office. Madrid, 20 February 2012