International Campaign for the Ratification of C. 183 and R. 191 on Maternity Protection

The ITUC regards maternity protection as a right that it is up to us to promote. That is why has been leading a campaign, since 8 March 2007, International Women’s Day, on the ratification and the implementation of the ILO’s Convention 183 and Recommendation 191 on maternity protection. And since maternity protection makes a central contribution to a decent life and decent work, it is an internal part of the Decent Work, Decent Life for Women Global Campaign.

Campaigning tools
- Leaflet on maternity protection
- ITUC Video on Maternity protection, March 2009

ITUC supporting publications
- Special report on organising the informal economy in Burkina Faso, March 2007
- Video portrait on maternity protection in the informal economy, March 2007

Previous ITUC publications (ICFTU/WCL)
- ICFTU-2001 Maternity Protection Campaign Kit: Global Campaign for the Ratification of ILO Convention 183
- WCL-International Campaign for the Ratification and Application of ILO Convention 183

ILO information resources
- C183 Maternity Protection Convention 183, 2000
- R191 Maternity Protection Recommendation, 2000
- Maternity legislation handbook
- Maternity protection database
- Maternity Protection website: with e.g. maternity Protection Brochure, poster, postcard, video news release, selected relevant publications, and a slide show