India: Workers’ Rights Require More Attention

The ITUC is releasing today a report on core labour standards in India coinciding with the Trade Policy Review of India at the WTO. India has ratified only four core ILO labour Conventions. The report finds poor compliance with international labour standards, especially with regard to child labour.

The report finds that the rights to organise, collective bargaining and strike are restricted both in law and in practice and that thousands of detentions and arrests are reported every year. The report reveals also that the situation is graver in Export Processing Zones, where organising is even more difficult.

The law does not sufficiently protect children from forms of labour that are illegal under Conventions No. 138 and No. 182. The report finds that even these laws are not well-enforced and child labour, including its worst forms, is prevalent throughout India. Furthermore, forced labour and trafficking in human beings are prevalent in agriculture, mining and commercial sexual exploitation.

Read the full ITUC report