India: Report and photos of the "Right To Strike" actions organised by URMU/NFIR

Uttariya Railway Mazdoor Union (URMU) an affiliate of National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR) observed Global Day of Action "RIGHT TO STRIKE" by demonstrating in front of Headquarters lawns in New Delhi. Brother B.C. Sharma, General Secretary, URMU explained the importance of Global Action Day and the Right to Strike. He spoke at length about the ILO Convention 87. He stated that Strike is infact our Birth Right, How can someone take away our RIGHT TO STRIKE he thundered amidst huge applause. It was a huge gathering of about 1500 workers. Brother S.N. Malik, Press Secretary, NFIR addressed the gathering and explained about the ill effects of FDI. Brother D.K. Chawla, Working Committee Member of NFIR also spoke on the occasion and stated NFIR affiliates will staunchly oppose the FDI and Support the Right To Strike.