Improving labour perspectives for Moldovan youth

240 young people developed their skills for getting a better job, 400 young individuals uncertain about their career have been helped to choose the right career, over 8000 people learned about the socio-economic rights of young people and how these rights can be protected.

These are just a few of the achievements of the project “Decent Work for YOUth - Improving the social economic situation of young people in Moldova by empowering Moldovan youth and Moldovan civil society”.

Joint effort to empower Moldovan youth
The project is the result of a unique initiative of institutional cooperation of 3 organisations: Foundation CNV Internationaal, the Association for Children and Youth “Faclia” and the National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova. These organisations joined their efforts in order to contribute to empowerment of Moldovan youth.

Youth are the future of the country but also least protected
Oleg Budza, President of CNSM: “Youth are the future of the country, but, at the same time, are the least protected category on the labor market. I firmly believe that “Decent work for YOUth” project has achieved its objective to improve the situation of young people and to ensure the guarantee of the labour rights and interests of the young generation and the Union Confederation will continue to contribute to any actions targeted to support them.”

213 million new entrants worldwide into the labor market
Karen Bouwsma, Program officer for East Europe, CNV Internationaal: "The coming five years will see 213 million new entrants worldwide into the labor market – 200 million of these in developing countries. The youth unemployment ratio in these countries is over 12%, nearly three times the figure for adults. Moldova is unfortunately no exception. This project proved that we can reduce rhetorics and to actually join hands with youth and socio economic stakeholders and to strive for sustainable changes improving the lives of young people!”

Ensuring the continuity of Decent Work for YOUth
Angela Ciocîrlan, Association for Children and Youth „Faclia”: “It is important that the dialogue initiated within the project continues and extends. We believe that the issues youth face at employment, specified in the Social and Economic Youth Agenda, will be solved step by step with the involvement of the ROST network, through advocacy activities and lobby campaigns.”

More information

Project website Munca Decenta pentru TINEri”

Youtube: “I learned to think in terms of opportunities”

Toolkit Empowermet 4 Employment(english version)

French toolkit : Ressources de travail décent pour les jeunes

Spanish toolkit: Manual sobre trabajo decente para la juventud

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