ILO/UNAIDS: Africa Development Agenda and HIV

ILO and UNAIDS have issued a new advocacy brief "Why should AIDS be part of the Africa Development Agenda"

Africa accounts for 71 per cent of the 35.3 million people living with HIV worldwide, 71 per cent of new HIV infections and 74 per cent of AIDS-related deaths, yet, three out of five persons living with HIV still lack access to treatment on the continent.

The HIV burden in Africa remains unacceptably high.

ILO and UNAIDS have issued a new advocacy brief recommending policy choices such as:

- integration of the goals of Ending AIDS and Ending Poverty with the goals of eliminating inequality and discrimination;
- scaling up investments to effectively address the structural factors – economic, social and legal—that fuel the spread of HIV and perpetuate extreme poverty and inequality;
- responding to the need for universal access to HIV-sensitive social protection – so that services may truly reach the poorest and most marginalized households and communities, especially those engaged in the informal economy.

The brief is available here:

2015 ILO Africa Development HIV brief