ILO -Follow-up to the ILO Forced Labour Protocol

On Friday 7th November, the ILO Governing Body discussed the follow-up to the adoption of the Protocol and Recommendation on supplementary measures for the effective suppression of forced labour at the Intenational Labour Conference in June 2014 - and the Action Plan to effectively eliminate abuses in the shortest time possible.

The overall vision supporting this strategy is that when the ILO celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2019, forced labour will no longer persist at a scale estimated by the ILO to affect 21 million women, men and children worldwide.

The objective of this strategy is therefore to effectively eliminate traditional and state-imposed forced labour systems and to address contemporary forms of forced labour, which are often linked to human trafficking. This would emancipate millions of people who are the least protected and poorest, and who often work in the informal economy.

All around the world, leaders from governments, trade unions, business and civil society have joined the global struggle to end forced labour. This “global alliance”, initially called for by the ILO in 2005, is now gaining momentum and provides an opportunity for lasting change. IOE and ITUC are key partners in this global alliance