Greece: National Strike to Defend Social Security

Greece’s national trade union centre the GSEE has launched a national strike today to protest against the government’s plan to dismantle the country’s social security system.

Photo: Odysseas - GP

GSEE union members are being joined by a wide range of professional bodies in striking against what the GSEE has described as an “odious” decision, taken by the government following its meetings with employer associations, but with no discussion or consultation with unions. The GSEE describes an increasingly hostile attitude from the government to unions.

“The hope that the Greek government would chart a progressive path forward, and adopt policies that would restore livelihoods and living standards, is turning out to be a false hope. Taking yet more away from the people of Greece, who are already facing serious hardship, will pile on extra pressure on working families and have catastrophic consequences for the unemployed.

The prospects of economic recovery are now even further away than before, as purchasing power falls. We express our full solidarity with the people of Greece,” said ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow.

To read the ITUC solidarity message to the GSEE

To read the GSEE statement (in English)

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