Great Britain: Action to protect the right to strike

photo: TUC

The British TUC has called for a ‘protect the right to strike’ day on 1 February, to defend the right to strike against a new law being considered by the British government.

The Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill would mean that even if working people democratically voted to strike, they could be forced to work and sacked if they refused. Currently the right to strike is under attack in many places around the world.

Owen Tudor, ITUC Deputy General Secretary, said: “The global trade union movement stands firmly with the TUC in the UK, and all the working people who face the threat of losing this most fundamental of rights. An anti-strike law is an anti-worker law and must be stopped.

“The proposal is wrong, unworkable, and we believe it is contrary to the UK’s commitments under international law.

“The UK already has some of the democratic world’s most restrictive laws on the right to strike. This would put it further outside of democratic norms and fundamental ILO workers’ rights.

“Rather than picking fights that will only make things worse for everyone, the UK government must work with trade unions to resolve the serious cost-of-living and staffing crises facing British working people.”

The TUC has called for international solidarity to support its campaign and day of action. There is more information here, a full briefing on the anti-strike law here and a petition to protect the right to strike in the UK.