General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions (GEFONT) Second National Youth Conference “Youth for Change and Decent Employment”

On July 19, Second National Conference of Youth workers under the GEFONT umbrella has been concluded with the main theme of “Youth for Change and Decent Employment”.

Source: GEFONT

The Conference has elected Cde. Damodar Sapkota as new President and Cde. Mejan Koirala as new Secretary. The Conference elected 15-member National Youth Committee.

The Conference was inaugurated by Chief Guest com.Bishnu Rimal President of GEFONT by launching the Logo of GEFONT Youth Committee.

In Inaugural ceremony, Quoted Ralph Waldo as it is not length of Life,but depth of life, Chief Guest GEFONT President Cde. Bishnu Rimal said, "This conference is the process of understanding and internalizing the change. Now the situation is different, three generation we have now in the organisation. If we fail to give proper responsibility, trade union movement cannot move ahead smoothly. From our Fifth National congress, we made a provision to establish the youth committee with the aim of linking relation of three generations.

On the definition of Youth, President Quotes "Youth is, after all just a moment, but it is moment the spark that always carry in your heart." We need both Change & Decent employment. Change means revolution. Revolution means Event with changes the society.

President further appeals to make gender friendly movement by involving more and more women in Trade union and to promote their participation in every structure. In order to active in workplace, President also suggested to follow four steps "Get Involve, Organise, Educate and Agitate".

President further added,"In every Nepali Movement, Youths have played vital role. Those were the youths who had played vital and leading role in the peoples’ movement of Nepal held in 1980, 1990 and 2006."

Similarly, Dr. Syed Tarique-Uz-Zaman from WSM said "You, youths are lucky to be associated with very good Trade Union, not only of Nepal but whole South Asia. Your leaders are not only dedicated but also visionary. You can learn many things from them. Because of their missionary plan, now, a large number of young workers are united and in Trade Union to establish their own rights. Nobody in the world will come forward to give you rights voluntarily unless you raise voice unitedly and strongly. Dr Tarique also extended his best wishes for the grand success of the Conference.

In the inaugural session, various personalities including Cde. Mukunda Neupane Chief of GEFONT Congress Delegates Council, GEFONT Senior vice President Cde. Binod Shrestha, GEFONT Vice-Presidents Cde.Haridatta Joshi, Cde.Chuda mani Junglee, Cde. Udhav KC, Cde. Bina Shrestha,GEFONT Secretary general Cde. Uesh Upadhyaya, GEFONT Deputy Secretaries, Secretaries, NEC members, Cde. Binda pandey member of ILO-GB, Vice-President of CoNEPCde. Premal Khanal, Dr. Syed Tarique-Uz-Zaman from WSM, Dr. Sharan kC from SASK had participated.

The inauguration session was Presided by GEFONT Youth Central Committee President Cde. Balgopal Thapa and conducted by Cde. Gita Karki Secretary GEFONT youth Central Committee.

During the closing session of the Conference, GEFONT Secretary General Cde. Umesh Upadhyaya said "Our main goal is Dignified, Prosperous and Creative Life for working class and we are strongly determined on it. Youth should be strong as organisationally, Politically and ideologically." Secretary General expressed his best wishes to the newly elected Natioanl Youth committee with Congratulation.

The Conference has adopted various important resolutions of public concern issues including GEFONT Youth Guidelines and GEFONT Organizational Report.

Altogether 339 conference delegates across the country had participated in the second youth workers conference.

The newly elected National Youth Committee:


Cde. Damodar Sapkota


Cde. Neelam Dhungel


Cde.Mejan Koirala

Joint Secretary:

Cde.Santosh Pudasaini


Cde. Rajesh Mandal

Cde.Anju Dahal

Cde.Deepak Kumar Raut

Cde.Janaki Poudel

Cde.Madhusudan Kandel

Cde.Narendra Rai

Cde.Kabita Nepali

Cde.Purnima Poudel

Cde.Suman Giri

Cde.Shadhin Sekh

Cde.Ramnath Yadav