Gefont Nepal WDDW

GEFONT is organising Decent work Day of this year with following events-

Event #1
Launching a WDDD promo amidst various stake holder. The promo will carry message in question format as following:
2,65,54,578: This is the population of Nepal. You are also counted in the number of this population.
If you see yourself in the situation below when you wake up in a fine morning?
What do you do-
• · What do you do if you are asked to work for 16 hours instead of 8 hours a day?
• · What do you do if your wage is not enough to provide you with a square meal of a day despite your hard work?
• · What do you do if you are discriminated based on the works you do?
• · What do you do if you have to carry out risky job up the steep hill?
• · What do you do if your workplace is not safe and hygienic?
• · What do you do if you have to play with the chemical compound without masks and gloves?
• · What do you do if your children are at work but not at school?
• · What do you do if you are involuntarily forced to work?
• · What do you do if a sister is paid less than a brother for the same value of work they do?
• · What do you do if you are not guaranteed with the social security mechanism to support you with when you are sick, weak at old age and disabled by any reason?
• · What do you do if you are not allowed to join the Union of your choice and put your concerns without any fear at your workplace?
Certainly, you may have felt trembled when you simply imagine the situation above.
But it is not just an imagination for many workers in Nepal.
It is their daily experience!
When you are aware that it should not happen anymore, what do you do-
To make your work Decent?
#EndCorporateGreed; #DecentWorkforAll!

Event #2
Distribute 1million pamphlet in a day (Oct 07,2016) through out the country. It caries info on union fights for social protection for all worker in order to attain decent work in Nepal

Event #3
To distribute bilingual above mentioned materials as the greetings cards marking Nepali festivals to policy makers, diplomatic missions and cabinet minister and political leaders in Nepal