Fundamental labour rights under threat in Korea

The ITUC condemns employer-backed proposals to undermine the right to collective bargaining and the right to strike as a precondition for the ratification of ILO Convention No.87 on freedom of association by Korea.

Employers falsely claim that the Convention provides them with the right to obstruct trade union activities. However, this stands in complete contradiction with the content of the Convention which guarantees workers the right to form and join trade unions without fear of retaliation by employers. The ITUC is deeply concerned about the fact that the government is considering adopting these proposals, which would clearly introduce further inconsistencies into the legislation.

The ILO centenary conference will be dedicated to a discussion on the future of work aiming to go beyond the existing fundamental Conventions in order to achieve a universal labour guarantee. It is shameful that Korea is still lagging behind by not bringing its legislation in line with international standards and adopting the most fundamental Conventions.