Finland - Short updates on the COVID-19 measures in Finland (STTK)

By Maria Häggman, Head of International Affairs at the Finnish Confederation of Professionals (STTK)

On 8 April, the Prime Minister’s Office appointed a working group with the task of preparing a plan for the way out of the COVID-19 crisis in Finland. The group consists of permanent Secretaries of the ministries and it will report on the plan by 1 May. The group also has the task of deciding on measures to deal with the aftermath of the crisis and will report on the measures by 31 May. Social partners are represented in a sub-group, which is also supported by a scientific panel with experts from various fields.

The government presented the second additional budget of 3.6 billion euros out of which
- 1 billion to further support companies (500 million in budget, 500 million in loans),
- 600 million to protective equipment, and
- 150 million of direct support to self-employed to be distributed by the municipalities.

The government also decided on a family contribution of 723 euro to parents that cannot work because they have to stay at home with their children during the crisis.

A third supplementary budget will be presented in May and at least 1 billion was promised to support municipalities. So far the two additional budgets amount to 4.1 billion.

On 9 April, the Government decided that its policies and guidelines issued on 16 March to curb the spread of the coronavirus and protect vulnerable groups would continue to be in force until 13 May 2020.

The Parliament and the Government have adopted the statutes necessary to slow down the spread of coronavirus infections. Other competent authorities have also issued binding orders and decisions that are currently in force and will be applied in the manner specifically laid down and provided for in them.

On 15 April, the Government decided to lift the restrictions on movement from the capital region Uusimaa since the measure no longer fills the requirements set in the law for restricting movement. Any non-critical movement is still strongly discouraged.

More information can be found on the Prime Minister’s Office’s website.