Forced Labour and Trafficking

Fine Tune project: Three reports on labour trafficking

FINETUNE is an ISEC/EU DG Home funded project, focused on THB for labour exploitation. It gathers 3 international partners (ITUC, CCME and Anti-Slavery International) as well as national partners (trade unions, faith-based organizations and NGOs) in 7 EU countries: Austria (Lefö), Czech Republic (La Strada), Finland (Service Union United PAM), Ireland (Migrants Rights Centre Ireland), Lithuania (Caritas), Romania (AIDrom), Spain (Unión General de Trabajadores UGT).

Fine Tune Report: "Trafficking for Labour Exploitation - Tackling Group Cases"

Fine Tune: Report: "Trafficking for Labour Exploitation - The Role of the Internet"

Fine Tune: Report "Trafficking for Labour Exploitation - the Role of Gender"