Fine Tune project Report: Trafficking for Labour Exploitation - Tackling Group Cases

FINETUNE is an ISEC/EU DG Home funded project, focused on THB for labour exploitation. It gathers 3 international partners (ITUC, CCME and Anti-Slavery International) as well as national partners (trade unions, faith-based organizations and NGOs) in 7 EU countries: Austria (Lefö), Czech Republic (La Strada), Finland (Service Union United PAM), Ireland (Migrants Rights Centre Ireland), Lithuania (Caritas), Romania (AIDrom), Spain (Unión General de Trabajadores UGT).

The report presents a range of cases from selected EU Member States - including Belgium, Czech Republic, UK, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Ireland, and Romania - in order to assess effectiveness of anti-trafficking measures in tackling situations where large numbers of workers might have been exploited. It further explores alternative ways that may be applied to achieve redress for workers, such as group claims taken on behalf of larger groups of workers. The report provides examples of potential solutions and approaches. Different options for regulation and cooperation are presented. Report concludes that insufficient integration of labour approach into anti-trafficking action might result in gaps in legislation and policy and lack of effective tools to deal with highly abusive situations at and around the workplace.

Fine Tune Report 1 group cases