Fine Tune project Report: Trafficking for Labour Exploitation - The Role of the Internet

FINETUNE is an ISEC/EU DG Home funded project, focused on THB for labour exploitation. It gathers 3 international partners (ITUC, CCME and Anti-Slavery International) as well as national partners (trade unions, faith-based organizations and NGOs) in 7 EU countries: Austria (Lefö), Czech Republic (La Strada), Finland (Service Union United PAM), Ireland (Migrants Rights Centre Ireland), Lithuania (Caritas), Romania (AIDrom), Spain (Unión General de Trabajadores UGT).

The report examines what role the internet plays in trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation. It considers in particular methods of online job recruitment and looks at cases studies from several EU Member States – Czech Republic, UK, Ireland, and Romania – and discusses to what extent the internet plays a role and if so, how significant the role of the internet is in facilitating human trafficking.

A general recommendation from this report is to highlight the importance of the internet as one of the methods used by traffickers to primarily recruit victims, but also to communicate and control them.At the same time, the internet can be used pro-actively by authorities, trade unions and NGOs to provide information to job seekers who might be looking for jobs abroad. The report formulates the following recommendations:
•Introduce a requirement for all job recruiters to be licensed.
•Build internet job portals to carry safety advice and information, including referral links to points of assistance.
•Consider developing a pan-EU web platform with information and links to assistance in all EU Member States that would be linked with recruitment portals.
•Introduce independent monitoring of internet safety in relation to online recruitment.
•Encourage social networking sites to implement safety features in relation to impromptu job offers.
•Raise awareness about red flags of online job recruitment.

Fine Tune Report 2 recruitment and internet