Exploitation of Migrants - New Report by UN Special Rapporteur

At the 26th UN Human Rights Council session the UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants, François Crépeau, presented a thematic report on the issue of labour exploitation of migrants.

The report is based , among others, on observations made during the Special Rapporteur’s country visits and communications from individuals and civil society organisations. The report covers common manifestations of labour exploitation and groups of migrants who are specifically at risk of such exploitation, including undocumented migrants. “Unrecognized labour needs in destination States, especially for low-skilled labour, constitute a major pull factor for irregular migration. Opening up more regular migration channels for workers considered “low-skilled”, thus recognizing the labour needs of destination States, and sanctioning exploitative employers, would reduce irregular migration and limit the power of smugglers’ organizations, thus contributing to the better respect, protection and fulfilment of the human rights of migrants. All migrant victims of abuse and exploitation should have access to effective remedies, including the possibility of pursuing compensation claims, regardless of their residence status, without fear of retribution.” The report concludes with recommendations to states and international organisations on more effective prevention measures, remedies and human rigths protectionf for migrant workers.