Ending corporate greed protects workers’ dignity and is fundamental for a world free from child labour and modern slavery

Corporate greed is incompatible with the new sustainable and resilient world we need coming out of this crisis. This has laid bare the structural problems generated by deeply dehumanising and exploitative business practices that are based on anti-labour and anti-social behaviours. Corporate greed imprisons workers and their communities in poverty, makes profit out of child labour and modern slavery, and robs countries of important tax revenues that could be invested in recovery and resilience. Furthermore, it fosters global inequality, concentrating wealth in the hands of a few at the expense of the many. It is time to end this, and ensure that corporations deliver on due diligence and respect workers’ rights, provide social protection, comply with their tax obligations, reduce their carbon footprint, and effectively eradicate child labour and forced labour from their supply chains.

Ending corporate greed is the first step towards ending child labour and modern slavery!