Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs approves new Trade Union Co-financing Programme 2013-2016

The end of August brought good news from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for FNV and CNV. In June 2012 both trade unions submitted a proposal for their new programmes to the Dutch Ministry. The evaluation process took all summer and in the last week of August both organisations received a positive feedback from the Ministry that approved the two programmes. A total amount of €49 million is available for FNV’s and CNV’s activities in developing countries. The new programmes will have a four year duration and start in January 2013.

The programme of FNV is called Stronger Unions – Better Work- Better Life. The programme is divided into three sub-programmes. A) The first sub-programme is also called Stronger Unions- Better Work. Its objective is that trade unions and workers’ organisation worldwide have made a visible contribution to a more equal distribution of income and wealth, with decent work, equal rights and livelihood security for all. Better life will be implemented in nine so called programme countries and in a selection of the East African Region. B) The second sub-programme is the Global Work Programme. The objective is more decent work and secure jobs provided by companies and organisations in the private and public sectors. It will be implemented in countries of the PSD country list of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. C) The third sub-programme is called Union2union and will link agendas of unions in Netherlands to partner unions in PSD countries. Key words for the FNV programmes are: food security and living wage, capacity development, decent work, informal economy and gender.

CNV’s new programme, entitled ‘A World that Works’, will be implemented in 20 countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin-America during the upcoming four years. ‘A World that Works’ further strengthens the capacities of CNV’s partner organisations in developing countries so as to ensure positive changes in the lives of people and to create a stronger civil society in the target countries. Next to this, joint international lobby, advocacy and campaigning activities will be executed with CNV’s partner organisations. Key themes for ‘A World that Works’ are: the Decent Work agenda, capacity building, Corporate Social Responsibility, food security and safety and legal order. Informal economy and gender equality are cross-cutting themes within the programme, hence the majority of the actions taken under the programme will relate to one or both of these cross-cutting themes.

FNV and CNV are pleased with the approval of the Trade Union Co-financing Programme which enables them to continue the work they do with their partner organisations, so as to further contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable development world wide. During the implementation of the new programmes, FNV and CNV will increasingly seek cooperation and coordination in the countries in which both trade unions are active.

Article by CNV