Decent Work in donor country development cooperation policy

A country overview of the integration of the Decent Work Agenda into the development cooperation policy of the major donor country governments.

The study gives an overview, country by country, of how the issues of decent work are addressed in bilateral and multilateral cooperation, DFIs and other development cooperation mechanisms at national level. It reveals that even though decent work is a part of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG 1), that most of the governments have committed to, it is not always fully integrated in the development cooperation policy and practice.

The document presents the first results of the mapping and is meant to be continuously updated to keep up with the changing policies of the donor countries. All interested actors (including trade unions, SSOs, GUFs and other CSOs) are welcome to contribute to the mapping, for which they can contact the TUDCN team. Updated versions will be published on a regular basis on the website of the ITUC in the development cooperation section.

Decent Work in donor country development cooperation policy_2