Confederation of Ethiopian Trade Unions (CETU) organises workshop to strengthen the role of CETU in combating human trafficking in Ethiopia with ILO support.

Leaders of the Ethiopian national trade union centre CETU met with industry federations to develop an action plan to combat trafficking of Ethiopian workers and children in a three-day seminar.
Firew Bekele, President of the National Federation of Energy, Chemical and Mine Trade Unions

Jointly with branch leaders representing workers in agriculture, transport, chemicals, construction, hotels and restaurants as well as with government representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Justice CETU looked into the trends and dynamics of forced labour and trafficking in Ethiopia. Action plans of trade unions in other countries to combat the phenomenon were presented to guide discussions. The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs presented the new Proclamation No. 632/2009 regulating private employment agencies. A proposed national trade union action plan was developed. It focuses on targeted organising of vulnerable groups of workers, including migrant workers in cooperation with foreign trade union partners and labour attachés in embassies of destination countries. A second pillar was built up around social dialogue with e.g. a tripartite committee to develop modalities for the effective implementation and monitoring of the new Proclamation on recruitment agencies. The proposal will be discussed at the upcoming CETU Executive Committee meeting in February 2011.

Proclamation No 632/2009