Colombian Trade Unions Back Peace Accord

Colombia’s three trade union centres CGT, CTC and CUT have given strong backing to a “Yes” vote in the upcoming plebiscite on the peace accord to end decades of civil conflict in the country.

A joint event organised by the three union centres in Medellín on 15 September, attended by 5,000 people, gave a strong endorsement to the Accord. Uruguayan Senator and former President José “Pepe” Mujica addressed the event, along with the Presidents of the three organisations, TUCA General Secretary Víctor Báez and ITUC Deputy General Secretary Jaap Wienen.

“Generations of Colombians have known no peace,” said Mujica, adding that “the war should be on poverty and hunger.”

Baez described the Medellín event as the “major political act in favour of a yes vote do date, demonstrating that unions internationally and nationally defend peace as a matter of principle.”

Wienen spoke of the importance of the unified position of the three trade union centres in organising the event, and in the campaign for a yes vote. “Having suffered and sacrificed so much, and having lost so many colleagues, the unions deserve great merit for being prepared to play a crucial role in the implementation of the Peace Accord.”
The plebiscite is expected to take place on 2 October.

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