CGTM-Mauritania is developing its strategic plan

During its last meeting held on Wednesday 9 January 2013, the Executive Committee of the General Confederation of Mauritanian Workers (CGTM) appointed three of its members, namely, BA Aly Moctar Head of the “Education and training” department; NIANG Mamoudou, Head of “External Relations, Cooperation and Migration” and Mohamed Lehbib CHERIF Head of the “Social Affairs” department to draft a strategic planning document which will be the subject of in-depth discussions during a validation workshop on the 17, 18 and 19 of January bringing together members from the CGTM national office from Nouakchott and the neighbouring regions.

The goal of this strategic planning is to set the organisation’s major policy areas for 2013/2015. It will enable all structures and their managers to have access to a dashboard to strengthen the CGTM’s capacities in all its fields of competence. This will be based on priorities defined at both sectoral and multi-sectoral levels.
The following key work areas were defined: the strengthening of the CGTM’s institutional capacities for better governance of the organisation; strengthening of the CGTM’s administrative and financial capacities for better management of its development programmes; strengthening the CGTM’s organising and operational capacities through effective trade union structures tailored to workers’ expectations; strengthening of external relations, cooperation and the management of migration to develop and grow national and international trade union solidarity; strengthening of trade union training capacities to increase and develop activists’ skills; strengthening of women’s and youth capacities to increase gender equality and their participation in trade union structures; strengthening the organisation’s capacities in terms of the defence and promotion of labour rights and standards; strengthening of the organisation’s capacities regarding information and communication to popularise trade union actions; strengthening the capacities of the trade union centre and the affiliates regarding economic studies to increase trade union skills and expertise in this area.
The CGTM, who in ten days’ time (the 23 January), will celebrate its 20th anniversary is the most representative trade union organisation in key areas of the Mauritanian economy such as mines, telecommunications, building and public works, the service industry, energy and oil, banking, industry, and also in the informal economy.

Article provided by the CGTM